7 No worries whatsoever. To me, all that was worth spending the extra money to go to a breeder. ALL breeds are subject to genetically linked defects in health and temperament. Working with a good breeder minimizes but does not eliminate the chance that one will end up with a defective dog. Your Purebred Puppy has some good advice about this. Don't be scared by talk of genetic defects and health problems. Although some breeds have been severely damaged by poor breeding, the best response to a long list of possible defects and problems is to be alert for them at the outset. Also, keep in mind that the length of a list may reflect the state of knowledge about a breed more than the likelihood of running into problems. Uncommon breeds are generally less well studied than more common breeds, and so may have shorter lists. A defect in an uncommon breed may also propagate more quickly and be harder to eliminate from the smaller population. Popular breeds will generally have longer lists in part because they've been studied more intensively.

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However, reading the fine print is important: ADT monitoring, which starts at around $30 per month, has some of the most restrictive contracts in the business.

Complete with 24 month manufacturers warranty on all Hikvision products.

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"Annie also achieved several firsts for women in astronomy.

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